Artwork by Danny Melham 

Australian-born Siem Reap based Artist Danny Melham debuts his first exhibition “Through the Prism”; an examination of life and imagery in Cambodia through an inwards-looking expat scope.

This exhibition reflects upon the rich saturation of imagery of day-to-day life which are often missed or taken for granted due to the sheer overwhelming mass of it. Symbols of good and evil, misperceptions and reality are contrasted heavily throughout this series in numerous iterations.

Can one really blow up a cow in Cambodia? Eat a tarantula? Do Sok Yon tattoos actually protect and provide good fortune to those who sport them? A reflection of perhaps naive curiosities and questions which have been both posed to and sometimes pondered by the artist since calling The Kingdom of Wonder home in 2016. The intent of this series is not to conclude or clarify, simply to reflect.

Distinctly Cambodian-themed imagery contrasts sharply against psychedelic depictions of colonial tiles from a bygone era. This is an artist’s homage to the global cultural mixing pot of Siem Reap which the artist is proud to call home.

Danny, who is co-owner of locally renowned One Eleven Gallery, works out of an established art studio space in the heart of Siem Reap’s Old Market district.

Exhibition: 29 March – 14 May 2019

Meet the Artist: 6.00PM, 29 March 2019