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Julien Poulson is an internationally acclaimed pop artist best known as the founder of The Cambodian Space Project. Poulson’s work spans art forms including music, printmaking, painting, film, digital media and writing. His Cambodia-inspired art is exhibited in galleries around the world and is also part of the permanent collection at the ethnographic Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.

Poulson’s visual art brings an expansive pop art package to the psychedelic, atmospheric music of The Cambodian Space Project. His screen print poster series and led to the establishment of Sticky Finger Arts Prints Cambodia – a printmaking collective producing limited edition prints themed on South East Asian iconography. In 2010, Poulson was awarded the prestigious Alcorso Foundation Italy Artist Residency, and spent time in Venice writing a libretto and music for Muskito, a theatrical work. This collaboration with American producer Aaron Hurwitz (The Band, Bob Dylan, Mercury Rev) led to the release of an album based on tales of Tasmania’s brutal indigenous and colonial frontier history. This work ushered his move into writing and producing for film and theatre.

He continues to tour with The Cambodian Space Project and works with a diverse range of artists, such as his recent collaboration with producer Harley Stumm and director Carlos Gomes to write, develop and produce “Cosmic Cambodia” – a rock opera which premièred at Sydney Festival 2016.

Poulson now resides in Kampot where he has established the Kampot Arts & Music Association (KAMA) with the aim of developing the creative community in Cambodia by facilitating a range of workshops and art events.

WEBSITE: www.cambodianspaceproject.org


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Silkscreen Art Prints


Unique, handprinted, limited edition silkscreen prints by Julien Poulson. 

Previous Exhibitions

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Les Femmes Cambodgiennes de la Chanson

Les Femmes Cambodgiennes de la Chanson

The music of Cambodia and more specifically, the Cambodian women of song, inspires Julien’s latest series of paintings. Les Femmes is part of an expansive music arts project that Julien is co-producing with singer/songwriter Sam Dara. Poulson’s “Les Femmes Cambodgiennes de la chanson” series illustrates and tells the fascinating 50-year history of Cambodia’s siren singers – from the early beginnings of the pop music industry in the 1960s.



Julien Poulson’s latest exhibition at One Eleven Gallery is a palimpsest of graffiti, film iconography, text and imagery out of the Hong Kong Seventies. A self-professed fan of Kung Fu and Blaxploitation films, Poulson’s new works explores the explosive and action-packed culture clash and funky imagery of the icons created during the HK film factory rivalry of the Seventies.

Riders On The Storm

Riders On The Storm

Julien Poulson’s newest work takes on the Golden Era of King Norodom Sihanouk’s psychedelic Sixties through to the rock’n’roll and Cold War politics of the 1970s, not least the bitter clash between Western Culture, Communism and the Vietnam War in Cambodia.