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Grande Dame’s “Electric Crazyland”

psychedelic projections & pop art spectacle!


Self-taught visual maverick and Jill-of-all-trades, UK-based artist Grande Dame (a.k.a. Tiff McGinnis) is bringing her psychedelic projections and pop art print spectacle on tour to Cambodia for the first time.

Showing at One Eleven Gallery in Siem Reap at the end of the month, “Electric Crazyland” will feature hyper-coloured graphics and eye-popping animations from the multidisciplinary artist whose work has gained an incredible following of music, animation, art and design fans from around the globe.

Her visual creations span the gamut of digital and print mediums, testifying to her versatility and visionary approach to art. From hand-detailed giclee prints to animations for MTV, embroidered fabric, GIFs, and even a couture shoe line in collaboration with renowned designer Terry de Havilland, Grande Dame’s adventurous approach to art defies convention.

WED, 28 MARCH 2018, FROM 6.00PM

About the Artist

About the Artist

Grande Dame (a.k.a. Tiff McGinnis) is a self-taught multimedia artist and audio-visual storyteller based in St Leonard’s-On-Sea, UK.

Originally from the Deep South of Columbus, Georgia, all her work either starts as an animation, or eventually becomes one. As a child, Tiff was heavily influenced by the rich sounds of the Mississippi Delta, psychedelic cartoons, iconography, pinball, Art Nouveau, 60s black light posters, and more; these early influences would come to shape her unique vision.

Her colourful visuals have been commissioned by organisations such as MTV Networks, Alabama 3, EMI, Facebook, and many more. She is currently a featured artist on GIPHY, with several of her GIFs reaching nearly 100 million views. In 2017, many of her animations were used by Apple to advertise their new iPhone sticker feature – her ‘Electric Crazyland’ app topped the App Store for a week and remained in the Top 10 for over month.

In 2014, she staged a solo exhibition “Grand Dame’s Voodoo On You” at Ink’d Gallery in Brighton, UK, showcasing original art inspirited by her music. She has also just recently finished a residency at her local pub – The St Leonard – that was extended for an additional three months due to its success.

In 2014, she also collaborated with celebrity shoe designer Terry de Havilland for a couture line featuring her psychedelic designs and landscapes. As a testament to her work’s versatility, her fabric designs were even displayed in a mutant vehicle at Burning Man Festival in 2015. In addition to visuals, Tiff is also a published songwriter, having licensed music to the Coen Brothers, Discovery Channel, and Ford Motors to name a few.

She recently finished an animated short on the life and works of Carson McCullers that she presented along with a graphic novel and art show at the famed author’s childhood home in February 2018.


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